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Your first visit

Hello and welcome to the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville. We look forward to meeting you!


In order to help us do the most complete podiatric analysis possible during your first visit, we suggest that you consider the following points as a reminder:

  1. Bring a copy of your medication list, allergies and recent blood work.

  2. If you are coming for pain, bring the shoes you wear regularly.

  3. If you have used an over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed medication without success, note the name or bring the container.

  4. If you have had an imaging test (X-ray, CT scan or MRI) and have a copy of the result or CD, please have it with you.

  5. Wear pants that can be pulled up above the ankles.

  6. Bring shoes/sandals or slippers to put on after you leave your boots at the front door.

Relax, everything will be fine, we will not do anything without discussing it with you first and agreeing on the treatment plan.


Please arrive on time for your appointment and wear your mask.


If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify us by phone, preferably 24 hours in advance, otherwise as soon as possible at 450-441-4333.

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