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Foot orthotics


The foot orthotics is a plantar support that influences the position of the foot that presents a biomechanical problem. It is a generally effective treatment for various types of pain associated with flat foot (arch collapse), heel spur (plantar fasciitis), hollow foot (arched foot), hammertoes, patellofemoral syndrome or any other biomechanical problem. The plantar orthotics is prescribed for all persons requiring this treatment, young and old.



About orthosis

At the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville, the functional foot orthosis is a treatment prescribed by the podiatrist following a complete biomechanical examination of the patient. The biomechanical examination of the feet, gait and posture performed by the podiatrist is done at the level of all joints of the foot. First, a static analysis is performed while the patient is sitting with his or her legs extended, then while standing.  This is completed by a dynamic analysis of the gait and posture, giving an appreciation of the movements of all the joints of the lower limb. This analysis allows us to evaluate and diagnose a biomechanical disorder that may promote or explain foot, ankle, knee, hip and/or lower back pain. Among the most frequent causes of biomechanical disorders are flat feet and bunion (Hallux Abducto Valgus-HAV).


The podiatrist can perform this examination as a preventive measure, in the presence of pain or following an injury. He can then make recommendations based on his observations and your needs. There is no age limit for a biomechanical examination. However, it is not recommended to perform it before the age of three, unless the child has pain or gait problems (falls more often than other children), or on the advice of another health professional.


The podiatrist then proceeds to the impression and the 3-dimensional molding of the feet allowing the fabrication of the dynamic and functional custom-made foot orthosis. All this can be done in one appointment. During your visit, in order to help the podiatrist make an exhaustive evaluation of your condition, it is recommended that you bring your current or former foot orthotics, as well as shoes that you wear regularly.


Finally, orthotic treatment can be for a variable period of time to relieve pain or injury. It can be prolonged for people who have a biomechanical disorder that affects their quality of life. Orthotics can be worn in street shoes, sneakers, skates, ski boots, work boots, etc.



Do you have any questions?

Meet with a podiatrist from the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville to discuss the relevance and benefits of wearing a custom-made functional foot orthosis!

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