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Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville

The Clinique de Podiatrie Montarvile is located at the same address since January 2011. Services were offered for 2 years when Dr. Marie-Claude Charest, podiatrist, became the owner. It is the lack of podiatric services in the area combined with her desire to practice in her community and the surrounding area that incited Marie-Claude to open her clinic when she was a second-year student in podiatric medicine. The rest is history!


Since 2011

The reference in podiatry in Saint-Bruno


The Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville has been offering professional, friendly and quality services to all members of your family. To meet the growing needs of the populations served, the clinic team now has 2 podiatrists, a nursing assistant in foot care and 2 assistants / receptionists to welcome you in a safe and family environment. Welcome to the clinic!


Meet the team

MC Charest.jpg

Dr. Marie-Claude Charest, podiatrist

Dr. Marie-Claude Charest is a podiatrist and owner of Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville, and a resident of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. Her primary motivation is to offer the best possible services for the well-being of her patients. By taking an interest in your history, she is able to understand you and offer you the appropriate advice and treatment to prevent discomfort and/or treat your symptoms. In a safe, professional and friendly environment, she helps you achieve the common goal of maintaining the health of your feet. This goal is also well served by her curiosity and autonomy in the search for effective and varied solutions.


Dr. Charest received her Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine (DPM) from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in 2013. She completed a surgical, orthopedic and podiatric internship at the Foot Clinic of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) and a hospital internship at the Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan, NY. She also accumulates over 30 hours of continuing education each year. With her wealth of knowledge, Dr. Charest, podiatrist, can diagnose and treat various foot pathologies, whether dermatological, neurological, musculoskeletal or biomechanical. Finally, she holds a radiology license allowing her to use radiological diagnostic tools, as well as to interpret and analyze the results of radiological examinations performed by herself or another healthcare professional.


Dr. Charest, podiatrist, is a member of:

  • Ordre des podiatres du Québec

  • Association des podiatres du Québec

  • Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA)

Amélie, Nursing Assistant in Foot Care

Amélie joined our team in 2021. After several years of providing care in a hospital setting, Amélie wanted to choose a formula that would allow her to balance work and family. Her experience with a varied clientele as well as her humane, respectful and professional approach harmonize with the values of our clinic.




Francine Longpré
Assistant - Receptionist

Inviting with her warm and professional welcome, Francine joined our team in 2017. With 16 years of experience at the now-defunct Clinique médicale de l’Atelier, Francine will greet you on the phone and in the clinic with respect, kindness and sensitivity.




Geneviève Henry
Assistant - Receptionist

Geneviève joined our team in 2020 after a career of over 30 years in communications. Geneviève has discovered a passion for dealing with patients, from the youngest to the oldest. She will welcome you with a smile and the utmost respect.   


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