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Neuroma is an inflammation of the sheath of a nerve that runs between the metatarsals of the foot. This condition creates pain, a sensation of electric shocks or numbness, and the impression of having a build-up of the sock at the forefoot.



About this condition

This condition can be very disabling, preventing people from walking or wearing shoes. In fact, the most common cause of neuroma is wearing shoes that are too narrow or high heels (more than 3 cm).


When you consult a podiatrist at the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville, you will meet with a health professional who will be able to make the appropriate diagnosis. In addition to informing you on the choice of your shoes, he will be able to suggest a range of treatments including analgesic laser, localized cortisone infiltration or orthotics.



If you are suffering from toe pain and/or are waiting for your appointment with one of our podiatrists:

Avoid wearing narrow or short shoes or high heels (more than 3 cm)


Wear a shoe with arch support


Apply ice for 10 minutes every hour


Apply an anti-inflammatory cream according to the product dosage


Consult a podiatrist from the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville



The ultimate treatment is surgery to excise the neuroma. Before reaching this alternative, consult one of our podiatrists!

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