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Ankle sprain


An ankle sprain is damage to the ligaments that can result in significant pain, bruising and/or swelling of the affected ankle. The ligament is the structure that connects two bones together and maintains the integrity of the joint between these two bones and the surrounding structures (muscles, tendons, capsules, joint bursa and other bones).



About this condition

During this trauma, one or more ligaments can be stretched and, in some cases, can be torn, causing difficulty walking on the injured foot. In the worst case, the person will also suffer from an avulsion fracture of one of the bones to which the ligament is attached. This injury often occurs during sports involving jumping such as basketball and volleyball. People who have hyperlaxity of the ankle joints are more likely to suffer from sprains.


It is therefore important to consult a podiatrist who will be able to help you heal this injury and advise you on preventive measures to avoid recurrence of ankle sprains. Several possible treatments alone or combined are offered at the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville. Among these, there is the painless analgesic laser, neuro-proprioceptive taping, and strength and proprioception rehabilitation exercises. It is also possible to refer to other health professionals depending on the need identified.



If you have a sprained ankle and/or are waiting for your appointment with one of our podiatrists:

Rest of the affected foot

Ice: Apply ice for 10 minutes every hour

Elevation of the affected leg: Lie down and rest on a pillow


Compression: Elastic ankle bandage


Walk with a cane or crutches if necessary


Apply an analgesic or anti-inflammatory cream if necessary


Consult one of our podiatrists at the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville



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