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Laser treatment


For over 30 years, lasers have been used for various medical procedures. At the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville, we have had a laser since 2013. It is used for the treatment of various pains such as sprains, neuroma and plantar fasciitis. In the human body, among the structures that absorb the 1064nm wavelength (our laser device) the most is the hemoglobin in red blood cells.


By using this characteristic, the laser serves to excite these molecules, which increases blood flow to the painful area and thereby promotes the wound repair mechanism. Used alone or in combination with other treatment methods, the laser is a simple, non-invasive and painless alternative.



Do you have any questions?

Consult a podiatrist from the Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville who will be able to make an exhaustive evaluation of your condition and propose the appropriate treatment plan for your objectives.

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