The hammer toe

The hammer toe corresponds to a deformation of the joints of the toe which is characterized by a bending of the joint of the toe. The toe is shrinking and remains in the folded position.

In some cases, the hammer toe is hereditary, however, this strain can be caused by shoes, boots or tight shoes that force the toes to fold or inadequate foot biomechanics. When the toe is folded, there is usually a friction of the toe on the shoe resulting in the formation of corns and causing pain. There are stages of deterioration of hammer toe and a consultation with a podiatrist can delay this deterioration.


  • Wear too small and tight shoes.
  • Failure to consult a podiatrist

Consult your podiatrist, he is a specialist in foot and gait. It consists of podiatric medicine and has the expertise to treat you properly.
Your podiatrist can perform a biomechanical analysis of your feet to prescribe diaphyseal cushions or custom orthotics that will relieve pain and stabilize your muscles. In some cases, it may make the orthoplasty which consists of making a small digital orthosis (around the toe) which will reduce the pressure that is felt on the toe.
A podiatrist also suggest that you wear shoes, boots and sandals appropriate for your condition.