The flatfoot

pied-platThe flatfoot (pes planus) simply corresponds to a sole which the arch is not quite pronounced, there is a collapse of the arch of the foot. The arch of the foot is thus found of constant or quasi-constant so as to be in closer contact with the ground. In many people with this impairment, pain feet be noted, knees, legs or back. Flat feet can alter the person’s approach.
The problems of flat feet are pain, deformity, fatigue, inadequate approach and increased wear shoes, boots and sandals. 


  • Walk bare foot
  • Do not consult a podiatrist

Podiatry to the rescue:
Consult your podiatrist, he is a specialist in foot and gait. It consists of podiatric medicine and has the expertise to treat you properly.

The podiatrist will conduct a detailed biomechanical analysis of your situation. The most appropriate treatment in this condition in adults is the prescription of customized foot orthoses, which reduce pain and improve the person’s approach. In young children, wearing custom foot orthotics will bring a correction that will improve the biomechanical condition of the young.