Podiatrist and you

mcclaserThroughout the day, our feet support our entire body, they enable us to walk, run, jump and contribute to maintain our balance. Our health and overall well-being depend on it.

When a problem appears, or for regular foot hygiene, we can see the professinnal foot health, the podiatrist. A podiatrist is a doctor in podiatric medicine who has received a four years university education; it is a foot and gait specialist. He is authorized by law to treat ailments and infections of the feet, as are issues related to gait and posture. The podiatrist will determine the cause of your problem, treat you adequately and may, if necessary, prescribe medicines (creams, ointments, pills) or complementary test (imaging) to settle your pathologies. Finally, he can do surgeries for various problems or injuries of your feet because the health of your feet is he first concern.
Podiatrist suggests:

  • Examine your feet regularly
  • To cut your nails with taking care not to cut the corners of nails too short
  • Not to use chemicals to remove calluses/corns that could cause injury to your feet
  • Not to always walk barefoot and to wear shoes fit your feet

Podiatrist is authorized to treat:

Podiatrist can:

  • Prevent and treat feet problems related to diabetes
  • Treat skin diseases (wart, athlete’s foot, etc)
  • Treat nails problems (fungus, ingrown nail, black nail, tick nail, etc.)
  • Conduct biomechanical analysis to assess the foot, gait and posture biomechanical problems and/or deviations
  • Prescribe and manufacture custom foot orthotics
  • Make laser treatments (fungus, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, ankle sprain)
  • Perform Surgeries for the treatment of skin lesions and nails
  • Make neuroproprioceptive tapping
  • Prescribe and perform X-rays, ultra-sound, etc.
  • Prescribe medications to treat your infection
  • Perform foot care, etc.