Plantar orthotics

ortheses-adultesThe plantar orthotic is a support use to improve the position of the foot which has a biomechanical problem. It is known as an effective treatment for various pains associated to flat foot (arch collapse), Épine de Lenoir (plantar fasciitis), high arch foot, hammer toes, femoral-pattelar syndrome or other biomechanical troubles.

At Clinique de Podiatrie Montarville, the fonctionnal plantar orthotic is prescribed by the podatrist after a complet biomechanical analysis (foot, gait and posture). Thereafter, the podiatrist proceeds with the footprint and the molding of the foot to manufacture the custom made, dynamic and fonctionnal orthotic. All of this can be made in a single appointment.

The orthotics can be wear in shoes, sneakers, skates, ski boots, work boots, etc.