Ingrown nails

ongleincarne1The ingrown nail, also called onychocryptose, is an inflammation of the skin due to an abnormal insertion of the nail into the skin. It forms when a top corner of the nail penetrates the skin that surrounds it. Thus, there is a redness which appears, followed by swelling, and therefore inflammation. The ingrown toenail is very painful and usually localized on the nail of the big toe. Since there is an inflammation, it is important to treat an ingrown toenail as quickly as possible to avoid aggravating the condition.
The ingrown nail can be caused by improper nail trimming, by too sharp curve of the nail, by heredity or due to trauma to the toe.
In people with diabetes, it is very important to quickly consult a podiatrist because they are more at risk of complications because diabetes affects blood circulation and reduces the ability to fight infections. People with diabetes should regularly examine their feet and consult a podiatrist to any change noticed on their feet. In case of wound, it is equally important to quickly consult a podiatrist or doctor to prevent infection and get a rapid healing.

Don’ts :

  • Wear shoes, boots or sandals too tight.
  • Cut the nails too short

It is possible to can cut part of the nail and treat the affected area with a local antibiotic.  The podiatrist can also perform minor surgery to treat your ingrown toenail. Under local anesthesia, he removes the nail matrix. Subsequently, the patient should see a make a proper cut his nail, which will be explained adequately by the podiatrist.