Fungal nails (nail fungus)

mycose1-angNail fungus is a nail disorder caused by microscopic fungi. These fungi thrive in warm, humid and dark, particularly in shoes. Once infected, the nail becomes progressively yellowish, thicker and deformed. If this condition is not treated properly, the infection can spread to other toes. Complications can also provide as abscesses or ulcers.
This condition is common and affects 6 to 9% of the population, especially in adults. We find nearly 50% of people in the population of 70 years and older. However, not all thick nails that are yellowed or fungal infections, other diseases can be diagnosed. Factors that may cause this disease are genetic predisposition, poor blood circulation feet, immunosuppression of the person and injuries.

Don’ts : 

  • Walking time with closed shoes when your feet are warm and humid
  • Walking barefoot in public places

Podiatry to the rescue:
The podiatrist can treat this condition, starting with debridement feet (manual / mechanical cleaning of feet using sterile instruments. If necessary, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment prescription and/or you suggest laser treatment. According the extent of the infection, the podiatrist may perform other interventions to reduce the spread of infection.