Bunion (hallux abducto valgus)

oignons-e1445134293973Bunion or “Hallux valgus abducto” is a deformity of the big toe metatarsal. This is a deviation from the bone to the outside of the foot which causes a deviation of the big toe towards the other toes and which increases with time.
This deviation can be found in all people, however, women are most often affected and usually bilaterally. Wearing too short shoes, too tight shoes and/or high heels can worsen this condition.

One finds two kinds. The first is caused by a failure (aging, strain and overload) of the skeletal system and represents nearly 70% of cases. The other appears in the first twenty years of life of a person is called “juvenile”. It is hereditary and represents nearly 30% of cases.
In humans, it is often caused by the presence of flat feet.


  • Wear tight and narrow shoes with heels or improper height.

The podiatrist can perform an analysis of your problem. He can suggest certain treatments such as prescription medications (anti-inflammatories, cortisone …) to reduce inflammation, prescribe custom orthotics to enhance the arch of the foot to reduce the increase of the deviation or other treatment appropriate. In some cases, the operation will be required.