Athlete’s foot

pied-dathleteAthlete’s foot of the scientific name “Tinea pedis” is a ringworm. This is a skin infection caused by fungi. This infection is usually between the toes. Skin small pieces One notices that stand, small cracks can form and usually the skin reddens. This infection is often associated with itching.

This infection can be passed easily from one person to another. Often found the spread of the disease in people who are in public places such as swimming pools, locker rooms, showers and common gyms or any warm, moist places such as beaches. Wet towels can also be an important vector. It is therefore important to dry your feet between the toes after showering or bathing. 

Don’ts :

  • Visit humid common places without wearing sandals.
  • Keep feet wet

Podiatry to the rescue:
The podiatrist can perform an analysis of your problem and determine if it is indeed an infection caused by fungi or other problems. Thereafter, he will make a foot treatment and prescribe an antifungal cream or gel that should be applied regularly. Proper foot hygiene, clean, dry feet, especially between the toes, and wearing sandals in public places are advised you.